Faber-Castell uses water-based paint for varnishing pencils, which does not require any petroleum-based components. The surface seal of a colored pencil or lead pencil has a hygienic as well as aesthetic purpose. Without the coating, sweat from hands or chewing on the pencil would cause bacteria to build up on the wood. All wood-cased colored and lead pencils produced in Europe therefore have an environmentally-friendly water-based varnish coating which contains no organic solvents (acetone varnish). 

When this technology was launched in 1992, the company set new standards in the field of pencil coatings. We were the first pencil manufacturer to use water-based, eco-friendly lacquers on our pencils out of respect for the environment.

•No unpleasant odors at the workplace
•Safe preparation and processing - improved health and safety
•Active environmental protection by reducing the solvent content to significantly below 8%