Cold press vs. hot press, cotton vs. wood pulp, heavy weight vs. light weight... understanding paper can be a challenge but we are here to help. 

Low quality paper becomes fragile due to acids reacting to sunlight (paper destroys itself). When buying paper one should pay attention that it is acid-free, pH-neutral and that it carries the designation, resistant to aging. "Ordinary paper" is made from cellulose and has a high percentage of wastepaper.

Artwork should be protected from direct sunlight, dirt, dust, changes in room temperatures and humidity. This can be done by preserving the piece under glass and placed in a dry area where direct sunlight does not come in contact with it.

Once you discover the best paper to use for art, the quality, vibrancy and longevity of your work will improve and the full potential of your work will be revealed!

For more information, watch this video... The Best Paper to Use for Art