Under the direction of CEO Mr. Jamie Gallagher, Faber-Castell USA is a member of the Faber-Castell international family of companies - originally founded in Stein, Germany in 1761.

At Faber-Castell USA, we believe in enriching lives through creativity and self-expression. From children age 3 and up throughout adulthood, we offer a “Creativity for Life” portfolio of quality branded products with true points of difference. Due to our product range, we have a unique opportunity to take a journey along with our customers as they grow with our brands.

Throughout the organization, a focus on service and providing our customers with an overall quality experience is evident in the day-to-day activities within each department, at every level. From our CEO, who has personally reached out to customers assuring them their voice was heard – to Product Development, Sales Service, Shipping & Receiving and the Quality Control departments; we have an obligation to our retail partners, sales representatives and consumers. They are depending on us to supply them with premium quality products that contain added value at the purchase point and require a high level of before and after sales service care. Each and every inquiry matters and our customers deserve our individual attention; as Mr. Gallagher reminds us, “every order, phone call and shipment – every day”.

Although we as a company strive for perfection, we know that things cannot always be 100% at all times. We make no excuses when we are wrong. It is how we correct the problem if there happens to be one –that makes us stand out from our competitors. One of the Faber-Castell’s company mottos, “Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” is a motivational driving force within the organization overall. We concentrate on each individual’s needs regardless of how busy we are. We take a one-on-one personal approach building a relationship as opposed to rushing through just to compile a database. By following through on the all-too-important “tiny details” – we believe this emphasis sets us apart from the rest.

We are very proud to have the reputation of consistent delivery of a quality experience. We look forward to continuing on the creative journey, supporting our customers along the way – which comes back to our WHY… We believe in enriching lives through creativity and self-expression.