Faber-Castell USA’s customer service philosophy may seem complicated to incorporate into a worldwide organization, but it is actually fairly simple; People are important to us – we want to build relationships rather than databases. Our “Creativity for Life” portfolio of quality branded products, with true points of difference, provides us the opportunity to take a journey with our customers as they grow with our brands.

Throughout the organization, a focus on service and providing our customers with an overall quality experience is evident in the day-to-day activities within each department, at every level. From our CEO, Jamie Gallagher – who has personally reached out to customers assuring them their voice was heard – to the Sales Service and Shipping & Receiving departments; we have an obligation to our retail partners, sales representatives and consumers to always be there for them when they need our support. Each and every inquiry matters and our customers deserve our individual attention; as Mr. Gallagher reminds us, “every order, phone call and shipment - every day.”