The type of wood: Traditionally cedar wood is regarded as the top quality wood. 

The quality of the wood: Californian Cedar slats are supplied in different quality grades. Grade 1 is the highest quality. The straightness of the grain and dryness of the wood are examples of the quality factors.

The purity of raw materials (graphite, clay etc.): Processes which take extra time or extra thorough cost more. The more purification the higher the impact on cost.

The number of coatings of lacquer: The more coatings a product has, the greater the number of passes through the machine, the greater the cost in materials and time. Faber-Castell uses environmentally safe, water-based varnish.

The number of identification lines printed on the side of each pencil: The extra finishing requires extra origination work which has a cost. 

The end of each pencil (plain cut, dipped once, dipped twice or more, rubber-tipped): To simply cut the end of a pencil is quick and easy compared to the time and cost of additional processes to improve visual appearances and quality.