First, We're sorry to hear there is a problem.

Please understand - We are not able to repair other manufacturers writing instruments.

Remember to empty fountain pens of ink before you send along to prevent damage.

Please do not tape or glue broken parts together, leave them as they are for proper assessment.


Make sure to wrap the product so that it is protected and will not incur any further damage in the shipping process.

*Do not include the original gift box.

Include a note indicating what the problem is that you are experiencing and within, be sure to include proof of purchase, your return address and day time contact information. If your item was a gift and you do not have the receipt, please include the product booklet that came with the instrument in the gift box.


Choose a traceable shipping service. 

*Faber-Castell is not responsible for items lost or damaged prior to receipt. 

Send along to:

Faber-Castell USA

Attn: Repairs

9450 Allen Drive, Suite B

Cleveland, OH  44125

Any questions on these steps?  Let us know... 800-311-8684 or email us here we are happy to assist you.