Do not use solvents or cleaners to clean the pen. Using a soft cloth and water will usually remove any dirt.

Use a soft polishing cloth to wipe down and polish metal parts. Older silver-plated styles will require polishing. The instrument will tarnish more so when not used frequently. The new platinum-plated styles do not require silver polish and will not tarnish.

The tip is metal and able to withstand extreme loads, thus allowing intense writing pressure. At the same time allowing even ink flow.

As the ink can dry out quickly, it is necessary to always recap the pen when not in use. Because it is liquid ink, it has a shorter life span than a ballpoint.

When removing the cap to write for the first time, be gentle with it.  Some styles twist off and some are pulled off.  If you pull too hard and the wrong way, this may cause some of the barrels to crack.  If you are not certain how to remove the cap, please view refill instructions.