The Graf von Faber-Castell Collection celebrated the 250th anniversary of the Faber-Castell company in 2011 with a very special limited edition.

The Elemento range comprised of a fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and a propelling pencil. Each barrel is made of cross-grained olive wood, constructed with an innovative technique that enables the grain of the wood to be displayed in a way previously unknown.

Like a masterpiece of marquetry, the cross-grained olive wood is fitted into the barrel in six individual elements, which are varnished and hand-polished several times. Only in this way does the wood reveal its flamboyant and interesting structure and its quite extraordinary coloring of reddish brown through to honey gold or even salmon pink.

The wood can also be found in the end cap of the different writing instruments. Also features platinum-plated metal parts.

*The Elemento 250th Anniversary Limited Edition has sold through and is no longer available. 

Fountain Pen - Limited to 2,500 pieces.
Cartridge/converter system that slides gently out of the barrel on turning the end cap.
18-carat bi-colored magnum gold nib with iridium tip, run in by hand.

Rollerball Pen - Limited to 1,000 pieces.

Long-lasting, smooth-running ruby point magnum refill.

Ballpoint Pen - Limited to 1,500 pieces.

Equipped with a large capacity refill in standard size, black.

Propelling Pencil - Limited to 250 pieces.

0.7mm Lead hardness degree B.

Pencil was available in the set of 4 instruments only.