Silver is a polishable precious metal with a white gleam. It was known and used to make jewelry as early as 5,000 BC.

Nowadays, it is the precious metal that is most commonly extracted and used. Silver is primarily used to make jewelry. After gold, silver is the most ductile metal. Sterling silver and silver-plated products can discolor or oxidize. Oxygen from the air reacts with silver to form black silver oxide. This reaction is what causes silver objects to turn black, which happens most commonly if the items are not used for a long time, but also due to climatic conditions. Regular care is thus desirable and neccessary e.g. with a silver cleaning cloth or a silver polishing agent.

The writing instruments in the Classic series are also available in solid 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver pens have two rings at the top of the cap. The silver-plated styles have been discontinued.