Never before has the need for creativity been more recognized and requested by educators and parents than right now. Many express concerns that the emphasis on digital experience needs to be balanced with more hands-on, tactile creative experiences that involve all the senses.  Through the development of 21st Century skills, or the 4Cs of Creative Thinking, Collaborations, Communication and Creativity, school systems are integrating methods to balance hands-on and digital experiences.  

According to a poll from Harris Interactive for Creativity for Kids, 94% of Americans say it is important for kids to have creative experiences. Additional research studies find the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education and a healthy childhood. Furthermore, children who are involved in creative activities are 8x more likely to receive a patent or start a business, (according to a study from Michigan State University, Economic Development Quarterly).

Our company has been in the forefront of the movement to elevate awareness and importance of creativity. Not only is our portfolio of products uniquely designed to provide a lifetime of creative experiences, but we also participate and support worldwide efforts to influence thought leaders and decision makers who, in turn, help change the educational paradigm. The message Creativity for Kids began with in 1976 still resonates - Creativity Counts!

This passion for creativity forms the basis for the development of our products.We start with an idea, and develop it further from a child's perspective - how will they use the product to discover their ability to create, problem-solve, develop new skills and feel the joy that comes from creative expression?

When a child opens any one of our products - Creativity for Kids, Playing & Learning Art Products, Spark!Lab Smithsonian and CRAFTIVITY - they are able to tap into their senses. The result is increased motivation, concentration, innovation and a sense of personal satisfaction that boosts self-confidence. Many of our products incorporate the senses of Touch, Taste/Smell, Sight, Hearing and Emotion in playful and creative ways that carry out our mission to "provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity."