Features & Benefits 

Paper Crafter Crayons are highly pigmented wax crayons that can be used on a variety of surfaces such as cardstock, chipboard, canvas, embossed and textured paper, even wood, glass and ceramic. Smooth application makes these great for use in coloring books and they are easy to sharpen with the Grip Trio Sharpener.

Creative Tips 

With this wax-based medium you can create encaustic effects by melting the wax with a crafters iron, or create wax "resists" by applying wet mediums on top of designs.

Mix & Match with wet mediums, like inks, paints, Gelatos Colors and Art Grip Aquarelles to create colorful wax resist effects.Just doodle, trace, draw or write a message, then cover the crayon marks with the wet medium and the marks will "resist" the wed medium and show through!

Quantities available while supplies last.