We respect your privacy. Your email address and your personal contact information that you have provided to Faber-Castell USA, will NEVER be sold or shared in any fashion. You have our word on that! 

Your Child's Name:

We remember our own experiences as children and how excited we were to receive anything addressed to us in the mail, let alone receive a package. If your name was spelled correctly, oh boy - what a treat!!  

If there happens to be a problem with one of our children's products, we like to address replacement packages directly to the disappointed child.  Not only would we like to make it up to them, we want for them to feel special. We hope that they understand that although things may not always go right with a product, there are responsible companies that do actually care about their experience with a brand.  

If you are not comfortable providing this detail, it is not a problem of course.  It is certainly not required.  We will address the package to you.

If you would like to share your own childhood memory with a product that made a positive impact on you, we would love to hear about it!  Share your experience with us here.