Faber-Castell USA - Terms of Guarantee

Graf von Faber-Castell products are rightly expected to offer the best quality, performance and reliability. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your product, please do not hesitate to contact the dealer where you purchased the product. For Graf von Faber-Castell products that are purchased from an Authorized Dealer/SellerFaber-Castell USA provides a guarantee period of 24 months from the date of purchase. Coverage is provided for manufacturer defect, material failure and mechanical malfunction. For processing of your guarantee claim, an original product guarantee card completed by the Authorized Dealer/Seller or copy of the purchase receipt should be preserved. One of these two items are required when submitting requests for service. 

Faber-Castell USA - Guarantee Exclusions

Unauthorized Product Sales:

• Graf von Faber-Castell products purchased from any Dealer/Seller not authorized by Faber-Castell USA.

Repairs and Nib Exchanges After Expiration of Guarantee Period:

• For writing instruments, repair/part charges will apply for products requiring service work past the guarantee period. Estimates are communicated prior 

  for customer approval.

Defects & Damages Due to:

• Normal wear and tear

• Misuse, abuse and negligence

• Alterations and tampering

• Improper ink not produced or recommended by Faber-Castell USA

• Repairs and customization including engraving and imprinting not performed by Faber-Castell USA

• Loss, theft, flood, fire or other causes and accidents beyond the control of Faber-Castell USA

Returned Products:

• Items lost or damaged in transit prior to reaching Faber-Castell USA.

Accessories/Consumable Products:

• Erasers, leads, inks, paints and other products or materials exhausted during the course of normal use.